Alaska Aquaculture Permitting

Lease and permit information for commercial marine aquaculture activities

Permits for commercial marine aquaculture activities

Licenses, Permits, and Fees

The tables below link to the required applications or list the required documents for the leases, permits, and licenses required to operate an aquatic farm in Alaska. The first table consists of initial application materials and the second table provides amendment, renewal, and transfer materials.

The information in the table below is subject to change. Visit the respective websites for the most current information.


Initial Application Materials
AgencyApplication or
Required Document
Fee or Estimated Cost
ADF&G and ADNR State Joint Agency Aquatic Farm Application >1 acre: $600
1-3 acres: $1,200
>3 acres: $2,000
(fee to ADNR)
ADNRAnnual Lease Fee: No application, paid with approved, signed farm lease submitted to ADNR$450 for the first acre plus an additional $125 per acre or portion thereof ≤ 30 acres. See ADNR fee schedule for farms >30 acres.
ADNRPerformance Guarantee Bond: submitted with signed farm lease submitted to ADNR (no additional application)Minimum of $2,500
ADNRProof of Liability Insurance: submitted with signed farm lease submitted to ADNR (no additional application)Based on quote from insurance company or broker.
ADF&GWild Stock Survey for Shellfish on-bottom cultureFee calculated per day/per site, location and site-size dependent. Fee may be as high as $5,000.
ADF&GStock Transport Permit ApplicationNo fee
ADF&GAquatic Stock Acquisition and Transport Permit No fee
ADECShellfish Growing Area Classification-contact ADEC Shellfish Program Manager for an application$500
ADECShellfish Harvester Application$162
ADECShellfish Dealer ApplicationShipper: $162
Reshipper: $162
Repacker: $325
Shucker-Packer: $649
USACEUSACE Application-all permit typesNo fee except for if IP is required, permit fee of up to $100 is collected at permit issuance


Amendment, Renewal, and Transfer Application Materials
ADF&GADF&G Aquatic Farm Operation Permit Amendment Request FormNo fee
ADF&G and ADNROperation Permit Amendment Request Form (Joint-agency)Project dependent, contact ADNR for determination
ADNRFull amendment that requires a finding under AS 38.05.035(e) and full public notice$400
ADNRAmendment not requiring a finding under AS 38.05.035(e) (updated project description, etc)$160
ADNRAquatic Farm Lease 10-Year Renewal Application>1 acre: $280
1-3 acres: $600
>3 acres: $1200
ADF&GAquatic Farm Operation Permit Transfer or Renewal Request Form$100