Alaska Aquaculture Permitting

Lease and permit information for commercial marine aquaculture activities

Permits for commercial marine aquaculture activities

The Alaska Aquaculture Permitting portal is a resource for potential and existing aquatic farmers in Alaska. The portal outlines the necessary steps to receive state and federal authorizations for a new aquatic farm, or authorization renewal, amendment, or transfer for existing farms. Note: Finfish farming is illegal in Alaska state waters. This portal does not cover private non-profit salmon hatchery authorizations.

Things to consider before filling out your applications.

What to avoid, but also what positive characteristics to look for in a site to optimize growth and keep your crop healthy long-term.

The local, state, and federal permitting processes.

How to change the conditions of of an an existing farm’s state or federal farm lease or permits or renew existing leases and permits. 

Required applications and documents for the leases, permits, and licenses necessary to operate an aquatic farm in Alaska.

Helpful resources for both new and existing farmers, and useful acronyms to know.

Permitting Process

Step One

Plan your Project

Step Two

Local Permitting Process

Step Three

State Joint Agency Application Process

Step Four

ADEC Shellfish and Aquatic Plant Permits

Step Five

USACE Application Process

Aquaculture Permitting Flowchart
Aquaculture Permitting Flowchart

Alaska Aquaculture Permitting Guide

Permitting Guidance document cover

A PDF version of the Alaska Aquaculture Permitting Guide is available.  If you would like a hard copy printed, please go to the Sea Grant bookstore and follow the print request instructions.