Alaska Aquaculture Permitting

Lease and permit information for commercial marine aquaculture activities

Permits for commercial marine aquaculture activities

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Set Up a Pre-application Meeting

Contact and set up a meeting (depending on individual agency preference and capacity) with state agencies (ADNR, ADF&G, and ADEC) and federal agencies (USACE, USCG, USFWS, & NMFS). Alaska law requires that to engage in aquatic farming activities, any person must be permitted through ADF&G and ADEC. If your farm is located on state tidelands or submerged lands, you must have a lease through ADNR. Further, you must be permitted by USACE to place your farm equipment in navigable waters.

Early coordination with state and federal agencies may prevent delays in the processing of your application. Consult with relevant agencies about the proposed activities. These regulatory agencies may have similar and overlapping interests, so it is a good strategy for applicants to work with these agencies concurrently (rather than sequentially) to the extent that the process allows. Doing so will provide opportunities for all of the agencies to share information and coordinate their review processes, increasing the prospects for a timely decision on the application and minimizing the chances of having conflicting requirements from two or more authorities.

AgencyContact Information
ADNR Aquatic Farming
Program Coordinator
ADFG Permit Coordinator907-465-4724
Alaska Department of Environmental ConservationShellfish Program:

Environmental Program (water quality certification):
Angela Hunt
National Marine Fisheries Service Alaska Regional OfficeRegional Aquaculture Coordinator:
Alicia Bishop
U.S. Army Corps of EngineersDistrict Office:
U.S. Coast Guard District 17Waterways Management Office:
Todd R. Buck
U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceSabrina Farmer
U.S. Forest Service
(only necessary if your project is located in or adjacent to Forest Service lands)
Chugach National Forest:

Tongass National Forest: